How It Works

Schedule your service by phone. We offer one-time, twice a week, and different schedules to accommodate you and your pet. Our trained technicians will come remove pet waste from your yard, hassle-free. Spend your time on the things that matters, like enjoying your clean yard with the whole family.

Our residential service makes your life easier and removes the one part of dog ownership you don't want to do.  Our technicians are friendly, and love animals. We come to your home in a clearly marked vehicle so that you will always know who is in your yard. We remove the waste from your yard on the schedule you setup, to help keep your family and yard safe and clean. Pet waste contains bacteria that are harmful to humans and other animals not to mention it is unsightly to look at. 



Unlike our competition, Scoop N Go will never charge our clients an additional dog fee for reoccurring services *

*This applies to weekly and twice-a-week services. One-time services like Spring Clean Up may carry additional fees We service all of Genesee County. Areas outside our coverage zone will incur a premium for monthly service. Please contact us for pricing.

Accumulated Pet Waste Spring Clean Up

Starting at $99.00


$60.00 / Month
  • *up to quarter acre - for lawns over please call

Twice A Week

$90.00 / Month
  • *up to quarter acre - for lawns over please call


$40.00 / Month
  • *up to quarter acre - for lawns over please call

Why Us

  • Cleaning regularly ensures that fecal matter stays at a minimum. This is healthier for you, your family and pets.
  • Locally owned and operated, thank you for keeping your funds in Michigan
  • We take pride in making sure your experience with our service is exceptional. If you are not satisfied with ANY aspect we will correct the problem immediately
  • We haul the waste at no additional charge
  • Many of our clients are busy professionals, homemakers and executives who find such a simple task not only affordable but appreciative that someone can help with their pet waste chore
  • We are a Fully Insured and licensed Pet Waste Removal Service. We are happy to provide you with our credentials upon request.

 Ask about our dog walking and dog drop in service.